MeetingPlaza™ is the ultimate online video “training room.” The instructor and all participants can see, talk, and interact with one another at the same time, via scheduled online sessions, no matter where the participants are connecting from.

Small & Medium Business
Large Enterprise Departments

Why MeetingPlaza is the smartest decision:

  1. Invite two to 32 users to real time video web conferences.

  2. MeetingPlaza video training sessions are up to 2/3 cheaper than most other video conferencing services.

  3. All participants can interact with the instructor and one another face-to-face. Interplay between trainer and trainees is significantly increased and the learning  curve reduced.

  4. “Virtual training rooms” negate the need for capital expenditures.

  5. Trainees can attend the classroom from any location with a PC and Internet connection, dramatically increasing their access and the number of trainings that can be provided.

Online video training sessions can be archived on your hard drive and reviewed at will – Information can be updated efficiently and conveniently.
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