We know your pain. Sales reps spend more time traveling to the conference room than selling in one; locally, nationally, globally. These weary road warriors are torn between the demands of corporate, the need for communication with the team, and their primary mission: building stable, long-term relationships and business agreements with their company’s most valuable commodities: customers and prospects.

Small & Medium Business
Large Enterprise Departments

MeetingPlaza™, dollar for dollar, benefit for benefit, out performs almost every video conferencing product on the market. Plug in an inexpensive USB web cam and headset, then start online video sales presentations. Eye to eye. No training, ramp up, or learning curve. Reduce the sales cycle and build relationships faster with MeetingPlaza today.

MeetingPlaza’s Big Incentive for Sales:

Gives Sales Reps the freedom to:
• Bring key players together online, on video, in real time.
• Attend sales meetings on the fly.
• Review archived trainings on their own schedule.
• Cut down on travel.
• Qualify prospects prior to in-person meetings.
• Use video conferencing to nurture contacts and shorten the sales cycle.
• Close deals faster.


Gives Sales Managers the freedom to:
• Work with far-flung sales organizations to update sales data.
• Gain visibility into the sales pipeline without pulling the organization into expensive and time-consuming in-person meetings.
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