Students are more engaged in MeetingPlaza™ because they feel like they really are sitting in a classroom, surrounded by their peers. They can see, hear, text, and talk to one another and to the lecturer, professor, or instructor. MeetingPlaza’s web-based video conferencing classroom allows up to 32 participants (up to 1000 participants in lecture mode) to: share course materials and assignments, participate in remote labs, and hold online discussions.

Small & Medium Business
Large Enterprise Departments

MeetingPlaza ensures:

  1. Spontaneous on-demand video e-Learning for the whole class.

  2. Activation in minutes.

  3. Pay-per-use. One-third the cost of other providers.

  4. Access anywhere. All you need: Computer, connection, USB web cam, headset.

  5. Rich audio, text communication, and comprehensive testing/grading tools.

  6. Recorded sessions/instruction 24/7.

  7. Long-term scheduling via email.

  8. Adaptability to a wide range of hardware.
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