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Boost workplace efficiency with MeetingPlaza™. It’s the most powerful, multi-party conferencing solution ever delivered over the web. MeetingPlaza is designed to meet the demands of large enterprises across all verticals.


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Large Enterprise Departments

Full-featured, supported, and customizable, MeetingPlaza maximizes face time with your organization’s customers and colleagues around the globe and around the clock, for the best price. Participants only require standard USB web cams and headsets for individual desktops; USB web cam, conference microphone, and speakers for geographically dispersed groups meeting in conference rooms.

Implement MeetingPlaza and achieve substantial savings, particularly important for high volume usage. Because MeetingPlaza is such a robust application, be assured that it can support the enterprise-wide demand.

MeetingPlaza delivers optimal browser-based compatibility; there’s no software to install.

Consider purchasing MeetingPlaza’s license package as usage increases. Install it behind your firewall and deploy it when you need it, for any number of participants or locations. The transition is seamless.

Security is not an issue. Our technology is firewall-friendly. MeetingPlaza uses 256-bit multi-layer encryption to ensure data integrity.

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