Presentation Formats

MeetingPlaza™ provides three outstanding online video conferencing formats to choose between. Use them interchangeably, depending on your need. No extra charge.

Seminar Room™

Implement MeetingPlaza’s™ scalable Seminar format when one person takes center stage as the moderator, teacher, lecturer, or presenter. Up to 16 people can participate face-to-face at one time. Seminar makes it simple to share documents and access classroom content online anytime. The “focus” option allows any participant to take over the “center square”. Seminar’s “Lecture Mode” service allows up to 1000 people to watch and listen in.


Premier Service: Customize your seminar for an additional cost.

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Presentation Formats
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  Presentation Room™
  Seminar Room™
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Jeff K., CEO of an international recruiting firm, is announcing a new product launch. He wants 15 direct reports in the same room next Tuesday, without spending a penny for airfare. It’s a slam dunk with MeetingPlaza. Just email the participants the web conference meeting room URL, the date, and the time. Purchase inexpensive USB web cams and headsets for the participants, sign up for pay-per-use or a cost-saving monthly plan. No software to install. Everyone logs on from his or her own desktops.
Gina B. is teaching “hands on” online training courses on OSHA standards. Her students watch, listen, and interact from remote company workstations to home offices nationwide. They’re using MeetingPlaza’s Seminar format.
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