Features & Benefits
Video & Voice Communication
Armed with a computer or laptop, Internet connection, and inexpensive headsets and web cams, up to 32 participants can collaborate with one another, from anywhere.
Excellent Video Image Display

Our technology delivers video display flexibility, higher video bandwidth, and 2X faster image processing capacity. Therefore, participants really look and feel like they are working together in the same room.

Features & Benefits
Presentation Formats
  Conference Room
  Presentation Room
  Technical Information
Intuitive Controls
MeetingPlaza’s™ window controls are designed for easy document sharing, annotation, chat, text communication, and remote control. Our Support Team will give you a guided tour through one of our video conference rooms. Or watch the DEMO now.
Rich Audio
MeetingPlaza’s innovative online video conferences are totally web-based, no telephones necessary. Vocal quality is exceptional, allowing participants to make volume and subtle sound quality modifications.
MeetingPlaza encrypts all session content with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure data integrity. For your security and peace of mind, no meeting content is stored on our servers.
Document & Application Sharing Functionality
Use MeetingPlaza to deliver high impact, interactive presentations in Microsoft Word™, PowerPoint™, Adobe Acrobat™, Excel™, etc.–with ease. Shared files and web pages can be displayed by any participant in the web conference instantly. All participants can use the drawing tools to view, annotate, and edit documents.
Instant Text Communication
Participants can send text messages to one or all attendees.
Meeting Registration & Notification of Video Conference Participants
The organizer can easily register a meeting with all participants via email.
Polling Feature: Discussion™
Use Discussion when you need spontaneous responses from video conference participants during seminar or survey-style discussions and tests. This feature is ideal for study sessions or focus groups.
Highly Compatible
MeetingPlaza is compatible with both older and newer systems, computers, and software.
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