Company Overview

Founded in 2002, VRMeetings is the US agency for Japanese telecommunications giant NTT-IT’s MeetingPlaza™–the number one conferencing collaboration software in the Pacific Rim. VRMeetings is a worldwide technology company specializing in desktop collaboration and advanced video conferencing software.

Our executive team consists of science, technology, and business leaders who are uniquely positioned to bring MeetingPlaza’s breakthrough, multi-party web-based video conferencing technology to the States.

VRMeetings’ corporate officers:

Ira E. Rosenberg, Ph.D., CIO and Co-founder. Dr. Rosenberg is an authority in emerging technologies with more than 31 years experience as Executive Director of Analytical Research and Development for Bristol-Myers Squibb operations in the US , Canada, and Europe. He has helped large development groups meet changing industry needs by leveraging technology to build high-performance teams that meet changing industry needs. Dr. Rosenberg has worked with government, in academia, and in the private sector; has been named on four patents and has chaired several national science committees.

Rick Miller, CTO and Co-founder. Mr. Miller is a specialist in peer-to-peer communication and desktop sharing across the Internet. His expertise extends to all phases of hardware, software, networking, training, security management, and Internet navigation, and he conducts alpha and beta software testing. Mr. Miller is CCNP-certified and has been a senior systems administrator and consultant for more than 12 years. His resume includes management, training, quality control and ISO9000 Certification.

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