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The search is over for simple, compatible, versatile online video conferencing. Anytime.  Anywhere. Choose MeetingPlaza™. There’s no big learning curve, no software to install, and for the Wow factor – you can invite up to 32 participants.

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The Steps are Easy:

1.  Attach a headset to your computer.
2.  Attach a web cam to your computer.
3. Sign up for a 14-day FREE trial and start a video conference now!

Live Support is available to answer your questions.

Why so simple?

Attendees connect to MeetingPlaza via the web, therefore, there are no worries regarding compatibility, upgrade, or memory issues. MeetingPlaza is kind of like driving a car, you don’t have to know what’s under the hood, to step on the gas!

MeetingPlaza. On Demand 24/7.

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