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MeetingPlaza™, Real Time Web Collaboration
VRMeetings™ introduces MeetingPlaza™, the integrated, on-demand, multi-party video web conferencing and collaboration solution–supporting spontaneous and planned interactions with up to 32 of your colleagues, customers, or your favorite folks, around the globe and across town–at the same time.

Not only do we offer the most advanced, comprehensive, and customized video collaboration formats, we can get you up and running in minutes, for one-third the cost of other leading providers.

Press Releases:
MeetingPlaza GS .
  VRMeetings releases version 5 of MeetingPlaza .
  MeetingPlaza Gateway.
All you need is a standard headset and USB web cam to get started. MeetingPlaza is easy to use because it’s web browser-based–totally compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and Firefox.

The simplicity’s built in.
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